Pauron Wheeler is a Write-in Candidate
Save Richmond, Virginia

Vision For 2026
America's 250th Anniversary
Populate Monument Ave


My heart is saddened to see our current Mayer make a decision, against the will of the people, to have the Stonewall Jackson statue removed. Certainly, there was an immense crowd of people observing this unusual event: however, the will of the citizens of Richmond was decided and recorded in the 2018 Monument Commission Report. Mayor Stoney made a decision not to comply with the requests of the very diverse group he commissioned.

My decision to run for mayor was made on June 12th after reading ‘The Richmond Times-Dispatch’ headlines: “With Davis Statue Down, Stoney Vows to Finish the Job”. Apparently, Mayor Stoney is following through with that vow. In my opinion, this is comparable to a dad or mom telling their kids after they have pitched a temper tantrum with crayon marks all on the walls of their home, things thrown everywhere and the parent says, “OK kids, step out of the way, I am going to finish destroying our home”. Many people might wonder if the parents cared about their kid’s discipline or their home.
I tried to communicate privately to Mayor Stoney via email twice. I encouraged him to be a leader to all Richmond residents. Mayor Stoney had selected a very diverse team in 2017 to address the Monument Avenue dilemma. This team spent a year on the best solutions for this internationally known avenue. Online there are over 100 pages of the results of this team’s effort. I asked him to implement ‘The 2018 Monument Commission Report’. The commission report consensus was to ADD, not remove, statues and to add context. Apparently, he decided to do it his way, which in my opinion, has resulted kicking some of our Richmond family to the curb. In other words, he demonstrated lack of consideration as well as ignorance of the wishes of a highly qualified team. Any civic leader or official who is not going to demonstrate fairness to the entire group he or she is given charge of should reconsider becoming a candidate for that office.

Yes, I am throwing my hat into the ring. Love for God and my country, specifically Virginia, has spring boarded me to expand my horizon and run for the Office of Mayor of the city of Richmond. Recent developments have caused me to see a great opportunity for Richmond, BUT we must first return to the basic things that have caused this Country to become great, love for God and love for our fellow citizens. Therefore, the theme of my campaign is:


The opportunity that we have before us is: The Semiquincentennial (Our Country’s 250th Anniversary in 2026)! HISTORY IS OUR STRENGTH. May Virginians view this as our SuperBowl. So, lets look at ourselves as a TEAM. Let us work toward having unprecedented revenue that year. We have about five years to prepare. My job as mayor of this Team Virginia, will be to see that all players are involved. That includes the descendants of Slaves as well as the descendants of Confederates. If I, as Mayor, do not include all of our team players then I am no better than the leaders of the past who did not include my ancestors as team players.

As Mayor, I will assist the African Americans in ridding ourselves of hate and vindictiveness directed at America’s atrocities to our ancestors by advocating the following:

Annual Commemoration of The Reconciliation Day

  1. America’s birthmark, slavery, is a continuous source of hate and vindictiveness.

a. Antidote:: We need to have an annual event commemorating Virginia’s official apology for slavery on March 30, 2007. This will serve as a reminder that Virginia has acknowledged her sins and was the first state in America to officially do so and Virginia has asked for forgiveness. The Commonwealth Confession Day is a title to be considered for that annual day.

Annual Intercultural Exchange Week

2. Visible symbols that serves as painful reminders of America’s birthmark.

a. Antidote:: Intercultural Exchange Week—From March 23rd to the 30th Virginians will be encouraged to get out of their comfort zone, “stand in another’s shoes” and befriend someone who represents a symbol that is offensive to them or someone who is culturally different. Example: descendants of Slaves exchange with descendants of Confederates.

Online Venue To Post Experiences

An online venue to post your Intercultural Exchange Week experiences in reconciling your cultural differences. This online public display of stories of reconciling differences will encourage other Virginians to do the same.

Present History with Care

3. We must alert Historians, History Teachers and those Presenters of the history of slavery in America must do so in a manner of great awareness and sensitivity that such teachings can excite hate and vindictiveness.

a. Antidote: Remind students that Virginia has acknowledged its sins and ask for forgiveness.
b. Antidote: Remind students that slavery was not only the error of the European American but there were also African American slave owners and Native American slave owners

VIRGINIANS! Let’s Show Some Patriotism!

Where did it start these United States? VIRGINIA!
Who is called the Mother of States? VIRGINIA!
Who will set the standard for the states? VIRGINIA!
We’ll lift our voice for this is our state!!! VIRGINIA!!!

Pauron for Mayor

P.O. Box 26841

Richmond, Virginia 23261